Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's


Motor Symptoms

Motor symptoms can include:

  • Tremor – about 70% of people with Parkinson’s experience a tremor. Tremor is characterised by shaking, particularly when resting, which often occurs initially in one hand or arm.  Fact sheet - Parkinson's and Tremor
  • Stiffness – muscle rigidity can make tasks like turning in bed, getting out of a chair, or delicate movements like doing up buttons, difficult. Stiffness can also affect posture and facial expressions, and can lead to muscular aching.
  • Slowness of movement (also known as Bradykinesia) – people with Parkinson’s often find initiating movements difficult, or it might take them longer to perform a task than someone without Parkinson’s. This can affect things like repetitive limb movements, handwriting and getting dressed.