2015 Outward Bound


The UPBEAT members who attended Parkinson's New Zealand's 2015 Outward Bound course earlier this year (Mon 20 April-Sat 25 April) experienced a stark lesson in determination and the power of positive thinking to help you get going when the going's tough.

Rob Logan from Christchurch, who was diagnosed in 2010, particularly enjoyed the challenge of the six day Outward Bound course.

Rob attended with eight other people (two men and six women). The team was accompanied by several Outward Bound instructors.

“We were up at 6am and went to bed at 11pm each day. Although it was more intensive than I expected, we all coped well with the work load. “

Rob says that just after arriving they went for a walk in nearby mud flats and rolled around in the mud. He says this was a great icebreaker. “It was really cool.”   They then made their way to a jetty where they jumped into the very cold water to wash off the mud. 

A watershed moment for Rob was completing a number of activities on the high wires, about 10 metres up. He was not confident with heights and didn’t think he could do it. However, he says, 90 per cent of what you do is attitude. In the end, he says, he was swinging between the trees. It was empowering he says “You just do it.”

 “You get so much encouragement and people had things like ‘just do it’ written on their hands.

“Although scary at the start, by the end, although exhausted, I was feeling great!”

They rowed cutters and kayaks and spent a night out in the elements. “Team work was vital and we got to know each other well.”

 “You can do a lot more than you think you can do.”

 “You are sharing a dormitory room with all the others and for washing you just have a few tubs, there’s sometimes soap. It’s pretty basic stuff. But you do not have distractions and you are so focussed. When I first got to the course I had a walking stick with me but I left it in the bedroom after arrival and did not use it again. You are very single minded about what you are doing.”

Parkinson’s New Zealand thanks Douglas Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring the Outward Bound Course

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