2014 Outward Bound


On Sunday 27 April, nine people with Parkinson’s, three family members and two Parkinson’s New Zealand staff embarked on an adventure -- the 2014 Parkinson’s New Zealand Outward Bound course.  On arrival at Outward Bound the group were given a few minutes to put their gear in the bunk house and then it was off for a run, push ups in the marshes, and then a swim fully clothed to wash off the mud.  The course continued at this pace for the next six days and soon the group had adopted the battle cry of “there is more in you”.

The high ropes course on the second day was an opportunity for everyone to challenge themselves, regardless of whether they had Parkinson’s.  Walking like a monkey along a single strand wire 10 metres above the ground while being supported and encouraged by the rest of the group helped build this diverse group into a tight knit team.  Over the next few days they rowed a heavy cutter, tramped part of the Queen Charlotte track, learnt to use kayaks in the surf, slept out under the stars, went on runs and swims and performed a skit.  There was also plenty of time to spend in this idyllic place to quietly reflect on the experience. 

At the end of the course the group left Outward Bound feeling tired but empowered, inspired and in most cases feeling like their life had changed.  They had stepped out of their comfort zone and understood that having Parkinson’s was no excuse.  

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