2013 Outward Bound


Parkinson’s New Zealand’s 2013 UPBEAT Outward Bound course was held 14 – 19 April 2013.

Twelve people attended the course, overcoming challenges and completing tasks many thought they could no longer achieve. Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the course.

“For me Outward Bound showed me that I do not have to use the excuse of Parkinson’s to not do something, I can do it even if it is a bit slower.”  Neil 


“What an experience of a lifetime! It was both an honour and privilege to have taken part in such a worthwhile event … The six day course was challenging and yet exciting, tiring and exhilarating and because we felt safe we dared to have a go.”  Irena 


“It was an amazing, awesome experience. The instructors were wonderful and pushed us just enough and seeing everybody dot he activities was really inspiring, especially knowing that everyone has difficulties doing things to a different extent. Even the cold swims in the sea every morning didn’t seem so bad doing it all together.”    Karen 


“I enjoyed the company of everyone and it was great to be able to discuss with other people with Parkinson’s where they were at on their journey, and what worked for them. I found some of the members to be a real inspiration with their positive approach to all the activities.”  Monica 


“I am proud that I finished the course and got the t-shirt but it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone in the group helping me. It has made me accept my Parkinson’s yet get outside the box and live in the moment.”  Barbara


“A fantastic opportunity to challenge body and mind with a great group of people. I learnt a lot from everyone.” Tony