Parkinson's New Zealand Charitable Trust

 On the 29 March 2018, the Parkinson’s New Zealand Charitable Trust will become the only New Zealand organisation providing education, information and support services to people living with, affected by and treating Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism conditions.

After almost two years of discussions and planning, 15 legally separate entities are reforming as one cohesive and united organisation, with the needs of people living Parkinson’s at the centre and directing everything we do. 

This decision has been driven by a multitude of internal and external factors including the expectations of people with Parkinson’s and their families, changes to government legislation,  a dramatic increase in the number of people predicted to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the next decade,  accountability and outcome demands from funders, and a shrinking number of volunteers.

The new Trust will allow us to streamline “back office” functions like Finance, HR and IT. This rationalisation not only makes sense financially, but it will also allow our local groups to focus on their important frontline work.

Local committees have been reformed as Parkinson’s Action Groups. Each Parkinson’s Action Group will continue to work closely with their Parkinson’s Community Educator to ensure that the needs of their local communities are met. 

It is vital that those with a lived experience of Parkinson’s--whether they have it themselves, or care for somebody who has it--guide the organisation at all levels. This is why the new structure is far more democratic and allows all paid members to vote for members of the Parkinson’s New Zealand Board of Trustees. 

The initial Parkinson’s New Zealand Charitable Trust Board is made up of five current Parkinson’s New Zealand Board members serving a mixture of one and two year terms. Members will vote to fill another two positions this year.

Details about the nominees and how to vote can be found here.

Over the years, Parkinson’s New Zealand has worked to improve the everyday lives of people with Parkinson’s and the impact that we have collectively made on the Parkinson’s community is recognised across New Zealand. We look forward to being able to meet future challenges through the new Parkinson’s New Zealand Charitable Trust.